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  • Genres:
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The French have always been able to shoot detectives, what has repeatedly convinced the domestic audience. And so, once again we are offered to evaluate the quality of French cinema.The series"megret" tells the story of the life of the famous detective Jules megret, who has unsurpassed charm and incredible wit. Throughout the history of his work, Monsieur Maigret has unraveled many mysterious and enigmatic crimes, the figures of which were the most resourceful and clever villains. Smoking a constant pipe, the main character, joking, coped with the task and found clues where they did not even think to look for less talented human rights colleagues.In this series there are all the elements of this detective work: the atmosphere of mystery and mystery, criminals trying to escape punishment, and, of course, the legendary detective walking on the trail of murderers. Exciting and insanely interesting!If you are tired of all sorts of"Police Academy" and"Sherlock", this film project will be a real boon for you. Modern detective works increasingly give action, while they lost the zest of mystery and well-thought-out plot, when you do not know what awaits you in the next series.

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