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Another great work of discovery channel. The equator is an amazing place on our planet, where the transition from day to night takes only a few minutes. The imaginary line divides the globe into the Northern and southern hemispheres. The length of the equator is about 40 thousand kilometers. Due to the slightly convex shape of The earth near the Equator, the gravitational attraction here is less, and, therefore, it is easier to put satellites into orbit. Thus, most of the launches are made from the space center. Kennedy's in Florida. Pacific launch platforms installed in Equatorial areas have been successfully launched throughout the year.Equatorial flora and fauna are diverse. Hot climate, plenty of rain-favorable conditions for the growth of exotic plants. The Amazon rainforests are the most extensive and impassable, the jungles of the Congo, India and Vietnam are inhabited by thousands of living creatures that are not found in other regions of the planet. The year is divided into two seasons – rainy and dry. The equator passes through the territory of 13 countries. Sailors crossing the line for the first time must go through the initiation ritual, they always become a target for jokes and funny jokes.

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