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Chang Dal GU, once upon a time decided to leave his homeland without saying anything to his family and friends. At first, they could not accept the fact that he was no longer in their lives, and eventually got used to. The man would not remember about their homeland, not to stay he's got a daughter he adored. The only thing he regretted all those years was not taking her with him. Now he intends to find her and ask for forgiveness. He wants to be in her life again and feel really happy. He finally realized that all my life not there looking for happiness and myself are deprived of.
the Girl during this time were able to achieve much, get married, and now tries to become a famous writer, which will be recognized everywhere, only here to achieve this seems not so easy. But she does not lose heart and does not despair. About his father, she no longer remembers, because I'm sure that he is not even alive. However, the fate she soon prepares to meet him, and at the same time and wants to check if they can understand each other, can she forgive him for everything and let him come or man should prepare for the fact that his own daughter never admits he's not going for it to mean anything?

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