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  • Drama
From the first seconds of the narration of the historical television series, it might seem that this project will not show us anything new, but by the end of episode 1 it was clear - this story has a huge potential. Critics with a world name even called it more truthful "game of thrones", in which there are no dragons, but with an excess of enough sexual intrigues, betrayal, greed and rivalry. The main character was the son of a famous Venetian merchant, who is now forced to live in East Asia. Here Marco Polo came with his father and older brother, having passed the Great silk road. But from the first day of his stay here I realized that if he returns to Europe, not soon... His father left him to Kublai Khan-a descendant of Genghis Khan and the current ruler of the Mongol Empire, eager to capture all of China! At first, our young hero became a hostage guest, but due to the fact that the ruler saw a huge potential in him, he managed to improve his position. He was taught military art, all the tricks of Asian trade, the intricacies of the local harvest and other Sciences that not only help him, but also literally save lives! Season 2 begins with the wedding of Prince Ingema, which can be destroyed due to the evil plans of a cousin of Kublai. To remedy the situation Marco must perform a delicate and dangerous mission...

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