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  • Drama
The action soap opera is already in name, the so-called Marienhof in Cologne, a fictional borough. Contents are social interaction with love, lust and lies and the small and big worries. In addition to the apartments, there are other venues in Marienhof, such as scenes in the restaurant & # 8220; Wilder Mann & # 8221 ;, at the supermarket & # 8220; M + P & # 8221 ;, in Erich Kaestner gymnasium, cafe Carlos or in the nightclub & # 8220; & # 8221 ;. Foxie Hallmark of the series, in addition to German figures, the many different cultural backgrounds of the performers. There is the Italian family Maldini, the Spaniard Raul and Carlos, the Turks Sülo, and the Korean Kim. The kölnisch-Rhine mentality is not missing, it is represented by Frank Töppers. In sum, the actors in the series are assigned all the more petty-bourgeois milieu, unlike, say, in Lindenstraße or Forbidden Love. In the multhiethnischen common voltage is guaranteed.    Storylines extend usually over many months. Just offhand Peeping are shorter and follow fewer processed. The contents of access to social time issues. On homosexuality, reference is made also by representing same-sex love.    Backgrounds Marienhof is broadcast since 1992 and is one of the longest transmitted soaps on German television. The subtitle is & # 8220; There is a lot to happen & # 8221 ;, which is also the chorus of the title track. Marienhof launched in the First on 1 October 1992 and was initially broadcast twice weekly, every Tuesday and Thursday at 17:35. In the early days, each sequence had a length of 42 minutes. After the first summer break (and after the first 52 episodes) of Marienhof returned with Episode 53 and a new time slot on the screens on September 28 1,993th The series has now aired always weekdays at 18:25 shortened to 25 minutes in length.    Although Marienhof plays in Cologne, the series of the Bavaria TV Production GmbH in Grünwald-Geiselgasteig is produced in Munich. To prevent the first episodes sound too wooden, started with the production of episodes 23-52. Only then we got down to the production of the first episodes.    Attention gained an allegation of surreptitious advertising several years ago. The ARD was accused can be bought from the neoliberal acting Initiative New Social Market Economy for 58,670 euros scenes and dialogues on topics such as business, leaner government and taxes. After heavy criticism from trade unions and youth associations the INSM then declared that it was just about gone to impart a basic understanding of our economic system and to stress the importance of their own involvement in the search for a training or employment. but she later admitted that the media cooperation in the case of Marienhof series was a mistake.    Cast and figures Since the series is bright since 1992 changed the performers at certain intervals, and new ones were added. There is a solid performer core, which have their fixed role in Marienhof for more than 10 years. These are:    Viktoria Brahms, played since 1992 Inge Busch, born Wreath.    Wolfgang Seidenberg, plays since 1995 the Frank Töppers.    Giovanni Arvaneh plays Sülo Özgentürk.    Alfonso Losa plays Carlos Garcia.    Simon-Paul Wagner Marlon Berger plays.    Nermina Kukic plays Susi Schäfer.    Antonio Putignano plays Stefano Maldini.    Heike Ulrich plays Tanja Maldini.    Sven Thiemann plays Charly.    Christian Buse plays Thorsten Fechner.    Erwin Aljukic plays Frederik Neuhaus.