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British Comedy series in the best traditions of the genre from Director Ben fuller. Starring Sarah Alexander, Joe Joyner. Poor Marley is able to see ghosts. No, she's not crazy, it's just that this gift was inherited from their ancestors is the family silver and a country cottage. And she even learned to live with it, because you can just not pay attention to otherworldly guests, and pretend that everything is perfectly normal. Marley learned to build her life so that ghosts do not interfere with work and rest, well, all the rest of the time she spends in search of an answer, how to get rid of such a gift of fate. In fact, her life was quite tolerable up to certain events which at once undermined past success. Beloved husband and lover at the same time were in the next world, but the tragedy of their untimely death did not happen. The two started to chase the girl from the other world, each with their own intentions, but that does not make them less Intrusive. The husband tries hard to arrange her personal life, while not leaving for a second, and the lover is constantly reminiscing about their romantic past. The worst thing is that they do not want to shut up, and you can not drive them too. And then there's the bedroom settled the mad priest, who with the light trying to guide the gauze on the right path and reveal to her the gates of Paradise. In short, it will not be boring to anyone, because from intruders, it is impossible to keep out, just putting them out the door. No, they will be the last to terrorize the only thread connecting them to the world of the living, but because the girl will be very, very difficult.

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