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When we last saw Mark, in the final of the third season, he looked pathetic and helpless - from a potent painkiller, he collapsed to the floor, losing everything he dreamed of. Because of his addiction to oxycontin, he lost the ability to start his own television series... Since then, much has changed, but not for the better - now he has even more problems, and the main one is that he is seriously hooked on the "wheels". However, the remaining problems are also very serious - there is no work, there are no prospects, former friends turned away, and the house took the Bank for debts. Now he lives in a luxurious Studio apartment. More precisely, exactly what Maron tells his friends, and his thick girlfriend, whose name is constantly forgets and friends, not interested in his life. In fact, he moved into a storage room, more like a garage. He is trying to regain his former popularity-writes unrequited " text messages "to Louis C Kay, breaks into the office of his former Manager and dreams to do"podcast" again. But all this to no avail. Friends actually turned away from him because of his drug addiction, which makes him completely uncontrollable-even with the Manager, he broke up due to the fact that threw a chair in the window of her office, although mark himself barely remembers. And if in the early first season he was on bottom, then in fourth managed to burrow even deeper... Is there any chance they'll talk about him again?

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