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Lars von Trier miniseries ghosts kidnapped the royal kingdom Hospital of Copenhagen, the largest hospital in Denmark. Here strange things going vonstatten. So both patients and staff - - not least the entire workforce is faced with supernatural phenomena. Especially the spiritual assessed wife Drusse (Kirsten Rolffes) whose son bulder (Jens Okking) works as a nurse at the facility says, make direct contact with spirits. Prof. Helmer (Ernst-Hugo Järegård), his character an arrogant doctor from Sweden, has clearly problems stoop to the level of his new colleagues.    Annoying that of all Prof. Helmers first operation ends in a fiasco. Professor Moesgaard (Holger Juul Hansen), however, is trying to improve the working atmosphere, although it is already overwhelmed his normal work. Meanwhile, the doctor Rigmor (Ghita Nørby) struggles with her conscience, as they are in a relationship with the controversial Dr. operating Helmer is. In addition, the rebirth of a doctor becomes the focus of the plot: Åge Kruger (Udo Kier), who is said to have once killed his own daughter, returns to the so-called Kingdom.    Main characters of spirits    Sigrid Drusse (Kirsten Rolffes) is an elderly woman and the mother of bulder working in rich Hospital of Copenhagen as a nurse. Mrs. Drusse simulated for her life like and is a real hard head who has a say a major say in any matter. They also hear the voices of ghosts and comes a conspiracy on the track that is engaged in a Satanist ritual.    Stig Helmer (Ernst-Hugo Järegård) is a professor who comes from Sweden. His relationship with Rigmor takes him to the heart of Denmark. However, he finds it very difficult to integrate into their new environment. Helmer is incredibly proud of his roots and treats his new colleagues with a condescending tone. Helmer desperately to hide his own skeletons in the closet at the same time endeavor.    Professor Moesgaard (Holger Juul Hansen) is the chief physician of the royal realm Hospital of Copenhagen. He enjoys the advantages of his position of power, but has to admit in the same breath that he is overwhelmed wildly with his job. Professor Moesgaard testifies shockingly little assertiveness. However, he committed to in terms of a wohligeren working environment.    Krogen (Søren Pilmark) housed in the basement of the royal kingdom hospital. He is a man with contacts, and thus can get everything needed anyone in any way. In his capacity as dubious middleman Krogen knows every dirty secret of the workforce. Thus it falls mainly in the crosshairs of Professor Helmer, who regarded him as a threat.    Åge Kruger (Udo Kier) is a retired physician of the royal kingdom hospital in Copenhagen. According to the rumors, he is said to have murdered in cold blood his illegitimate daughter many years ago. By a resurrection ritual, he returned to the hospital and ensures chaos. His true motives and intentions are as inscrutable as his diabolical traits.    Background information on ghosts    Inspired by Twin Peaks by David Lynch created director Lars von Trier 1994 miniseries spirits, which is also known under the alternative title Hospital of spirits in Germany. The original title Riget (the kingdom) refers to the royal kingdom Hospital of Copenhagen, which is referred to in the series as a kingdom. Lars von Trier wrote the screenplay together with Niels Vorsel. the episodes of Morten Arnfred and Lars von Trier were staged. However cæcilia holbek trier was originally also assume part of the production, the project could not continue to support because of her pregnancy.    Ghost plays with elements of traditional hospital series, mixes to black humor and integrates numerous mystery elements in the plot. The camera work of the format is based on the film flow dogma 95th Ghost different versions exist. The original version includes a total of four segments with an impressive final run time of 275 minutes and celebrated as part of the 1994 Venice Film Festival premiered. For TV broadcasting, the factory was re-cut and divided into five episodes. 1997 Advanced Lars von Trier his spirits universe to a second season to clear up unsolved mysteries, but this was finally not the case.    In addition, Lars von Trier made to the script for a third and final season. This, however, was never realized. The main reason for the death of Ernst-Hugo Järegård and Kirsten Rolffes and three other actors of the series were. The American author Stephen King adopted spirits in 2004 in the form of three ten-part miniseries named Stephen King Presents Kingdom Hospital.    Depending on the publication, ghosts shares as follows:    TV:    ghosts I    Season 1, Episode 1: The Unheavenly host (The infernal hosts)    Season 1, Episode 2: Thy Kingdom Come (Thy kingdom come)    Season 1, Episode 3: Hark And Ye Shall Hear (Hark and you will hear)    Season 1, Episode 4: A Foreign Body (A foreign body)    Season 1, Episode 5: The Living Dead (Living Dead)    spirits II    Season 2, episode 1: Ricorso (return)    Season 2, Episode 2: Birds of Passage (migratory)    Season 2, Episode 3: Gargantua    Season 2, Episode 4: Light As Air, Heavy As Lead (Light as air, heavy as lead)    Season 2, Episode 5: De Profundis    Pandemonium (Pandämonium)    DVD version:    ghosts I    Season 1, Episode 1: The hvide flok (The infernal hosts)    Season 1, Episode 2: Alliancen kalder (Thy kingdom come)    Season 1, Episode 3: Et fremmed legeme (A foreign body)    Season 1, episode 4: De levende døde (Living Dead)    spirits II    Season 2, Episode 1: Mors in Tabula    Season 2, Episode 2: Trækfuglene (migratory birds)    Season 2, Episode 3: Gargantua    Season 2, episode 4: Pandämonium (Pandämonium)    (MH)

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