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Married with Children is located in the Chicago of the 1980s and 1990s and does not have a continuous story arc. The focus of the unsuccessful shoe salesman Al Bundy and his family is. In many of the episodes Al tries to connect to its long past glorious past, but his attempts remain without positive consequences.    Haupcharaktere of Married with Children    Alfred Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) is married and has two children. He once was a promising football player at the fictional Polk High School (which was proudest moment of his life when he made four touchdowns in one game), he had a scholarship for college when he impregnated his girlfriend and married. Al also broke his leg, he now works as a shoe salesman, but served very reluctant to his mostly female customers. Again and again it is mentioned that a shoe salesman is the worst job in the world. Often Al wants to build on its more glorious times, but usually his aspiration is undermined by bad luck or bad choices. He thinks that his family is the origin of his losing streak, and the rejection of his family (especially his reluctance about to have sex with his wife) provides much of the humor deposits of the series. However, he also takes care of his family: He beat the officious friends of daughter Kelly and invites his son from time to time in the Nackbar one.    Margaret Peggy Bundy (Katey Sagal) is the lazy, self-centered wife of Al. She refuses to cook or clean the house and rather than looking for new clothes to wash. Do not even think to look for work. She spends her days trying to look daily talk shows, to sit on the living room couch and stuff tons of candy in it. Peggy has red hair, which is teased up and usually wears spandex pants, blouses and stilettos - the latter have the effect that they are constantly tripping. At first, Peggy was a heavy smoker, but I heard later on that.    Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) is the daughter of Al and Peggy. She is blonde and extremely attractive. Because of their permissive, open way she constantly male admirers. Kelly is often lovingly-pejorative "dumbass", since it is not very intelligent. They constantly confuses simple facts or can be persuaded by other untruths.    Bud Franklin Bundy (David Faustino) is the younger brother of Kelly. Outside the four walls Bud often ashamed of his family and pretends not to know them. Undeniably, he is the smartest of the four Bundy, achieved good grades in school and later also goes to college. He is very interested in the opposite sex, but has very bad cards in women. Therefore, he leaves no stone unturned to get to Dating and sexual experiences with his beloved, which is usually veruteilt to failure.    Background information on Married with Children    The first episode of Married with Children was broadcast on April 5, 1987 by the US TV channel FOX. The famous theme song "Love and Marriage" was sung by Frank Sinatra. The original working title for the show was Not the Cosby (dt. Not the Cosby) and should the opposite kind of humor and heal family over the series The Cosby Show to highlight.