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Excessive curiosity and desire to know the unknown for many centuries pushed humanity to incredible discoveries. For hundreds of years, people have discovered new horizons: have the opportunity to cross the oceans, learned to climb high into the sky, and subdued the power of the atom. And now, when our planet is almost no place where no man has gone before, people every year more and more begin to attract distant stars. And even though at the current stage of scientific and technological progress, humanity is not yet sufficiently developed for long-range flights and is content only with the collection of information from orbital stations or unmanned spacecraft, people do not lose hope and do their best to ensure that as soon as possible to bring the moment when space travel will become a reality.Even now, sending a research expedition to Mars is one of the priority goals of mankind. A fascinating series, consisting of documentary and artistic parts, will tell about how the preparation for space flights is carried out at this stage, as well as show us the first flight to Mars, which can happen in the near future.The events of the documentary part take place in 2016 and tell about the stage of space exploration, as well as about the priority goals for the near future. Narrators are such well-known personalities as Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, writer Andy Weir, author of the acclaimed novel"the Martian", astrophysicist Neil Degrass Tyson, as well as Stephen Petranek, who wrote the popular book"How we will live on Mars".Action art part takes place in 2033, when the spacecraft"Daedalus" with the multinational crew of six astronauts leaves the Earth and goes on a long seven-month journey towards the unknown, hoping after a long seven months to reach the red planet's surface.

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