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In the last part of the exciting animated series, the main characters met to become members of a brave squad that can save the entire universe from destruction. Between them there were many disputes and disagreements, after all, the company gathered a rather motley: star-Lord with a heavy fate, a talking raccoon, a green warrior, a sentient tree and a stone warrior-destroyer. Now they're the guardians of the galaxy to protect their world from enemies. In past episodes they had to endure a heap of dangerous adventures. There were chases and battles in outer space, and new acquaintances, and betrayal. But the most interesting waiting for the guys in season 2! Everything will start on the Ground, which the team decides to leave after a short rest. But suddenly it turns out that it will not be so easy-each of the guards took with them "Souvenirs", because of what they can not leave the earth's atmosphere. Gamora entire cabin flunked dumbbells, the Destroyer inside fried sausages, Rocket decided that in space can not do without a mountain of tape, and quill brought with him rare audio cassettes. Because of all this stuff, they can't take off. For the sake of all have to get rid of Souvenirs, including Groot, who had only one butterfly... But it is because of a small insect and our heroes will be in the swamp, where they are waiting for the treacherous monster.

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