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The series, which is an adaptation of the marvel Comics series, tells the fascinating story of the Superhumans – a special race that calls itself Inhumans. For a long time hiding from humanity on the back of the moon, inhumans gradually realize that one day they still have to face the earthlings.In the center of the plot turns out to be the Royal family, taken by surprise by the military coup, staged by the crafty Maximus Boltagon, the king's brother Blackagar. Treacherously betraying his brother, Maximus begins to prepare his own people for the fact that it is time to go to Earth. He convinces everyone that the Earth is their true home, where they can live in peace and happiness, and not hide in the dungeons of the moon until the end of their days.The remaining members of the family, who disagreed with the rebel brother, had to flee to Earth to save their lives. Once in Hawaii, our heroes have the opportunity to look at the world of people in a completely different light. Getting more and more new, amazing information for them about the lives of those whom they considered enemies, the fugitives understand that now they need to protect not only themselves but also people from the blind madness of the rebel brother.

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