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In northern curve is a French miniseries. The plot is located in a small town. Here life goes its daily grind and every resident enjoys of each new day. In the context of a football game, however, a gruesome murder that brings the idyll powerfully shaken occurred: A fan is cold murdered in the stands of the local football stadium. Immediately breaks panic, the police takes over the case and it starts a drama beyond compare. On the occasion of these events Police Commissioner Alex Perrucci versa (Judith Davis) back to her hometown to take a closer look at the murder. Last but not least is her own sister on suspicion of murder. The deeper Alex digs into the past of the small town residents, the more there is also about their own childhood out - and uncovers secrets that should never be allowed to come to light.    Main characters of Nordkurve    Alex Perrucci (Judith Davis) is a police commissioner who has left Arcanville many years ago to make a career in Paris. This is her succeeded. But as part of the shocking murder, she returns to her hometown. Here, the life of the otherwise-earth woman gets really out of control.    Jessica (Nina Meurisse) works as a police commissioner in Arcanville. They do not tolerate at the beginning of the action with Alex, as they sticking their noses in everywhere. Only later, the two women find that they can only solve together the case.    Nicolas Couturier (Nicolas Cazalé) is the brother of Yorick, the murdered boy. He is registered as a football player in the local football club and there involved in questionable dealings that could be him undoing. His brother's death comes very close to him.    Mathilde Perrucci (Olivia Ross) is the sister of Alex. It is found with the murder weapon and arrested by police. It follows that under suspicion of being responsible for the murder. However Mathilde protested her innocence and turns for help to her sister.    Franck Perrucci (Christophe Kourotchkine) is the father of Mathilde and Alex. In desperation respect the fate of Mathilde, he does everything possible to retrieve Alex home. He is firmly convinced of the innocence of his daughter and wants to prove with the help of Alex.    Background information on Nordkurve    Nordkurve is a French mini-series that includes a total of three episodes. They have a particular barrel length of less than an hour. The premiere took place in Germany on 12 February 2014 Arte. the consequences of director Virginie Sauveur, the wealth of experience gained in the French television landscape already under several TV films and series were staged. (MH)

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