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Claire McLeod has not been easy. After the death of her father Jack has to own the farm Drover's Run in the Australian outback care that is close to bankruptcy. When Claire still mourns her father, Tess suddenly appears on the farm, Claire's half-sister. The two have not seen each other since Tess's mother left with her Drover's Run 20 years ago. Now that Jack has died, Tess owns half the farm that wants to sell their part and thus fulfill the dream of a coffee shop. Clear that the results in complications between the two reunited sisters.    Main characters of McLeod's Daughters    Claire Louise McLeod (Lisa Chappell) grew up on the farm of her father and therefore very experienced in livestock and all that goes with it. Claire is ambitious and tried by all means to save the farm from bankruptcy, which is why they usually act hard on other people. Your find it hard to trust other people.    Tess Charlotte Silverman McLeod (Bridie Carter) left the farm with her mother when she was little, and thus grew up in the city. You and Claire are complete opposites. Tess is open-minded, warm-hearted and will be closed by the other employees on Drover's Run straight to their hearts. At first she finds it difficult to make friends with rural life.    Jodi Margaret Fountain (Rachael Carpani) is a young teenager and the daughter of Meg. She hates the country life and wants to draw as soon as possible away from Drover's Run and in the big city. Therefore, it also shows a special interest in Tess that you should tell everything about the city life.    Meg Fountain (Sonia Todd) has spent most of her life on Drover's Run. When Claire was little, she was their nanny, and now she takes care of the household on Drover's Run and helps on the field. She has an affair with Terry (John Jarratt), which she keeps secret in front of her daughter.    Becky Howard (Jessica Napier) grew up in complicated family relationships. It has to start a job as a waitress, but announced after she was raped by the bar owner. Claire offers her refuge in return Becky works on Drover's Run with.    Alex Marion Ryan (Aaron Jeffery) is the son of Killarney-owner Harry Ryan. He and his brother Nick help on the farm of her father. Alex and Claire have known each other all their lives. Nevertheless, she has problems with the fact that Alex immediately shows interest in her sister Tess.    Nick Gary Ryan (Myles Pollard) mainly takes care of the business things that need to be regulated at Harry's farm. he had an accident at the rodeo and has still struggling with the injury years ago. Nick and Tess feel a connection to each other since the first moment of their encounter.    Background information on McLeod's Daughters    The idea for McLeod's Daughters is from Posie Graeme-Evans. After it submitted its proposal to rotate a series with two half-sisters on a farm, the story of 1996 was first in the TV movie McLeod's Daughters - The film implemented. At that time Jack McLeod by Jack Thompson and the two sisters of Kym Wilson and Tammy Macintosh embodies. Five years later, the idea was developed. McLeod's Daughters ran for eight seasons from 2001 to 2009. (LM)