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In the United States, the Institute of Health decided to create a special team of specialists who will deal with particularly complex investigations. These guys will have to make every effort to study the most strange and rare viruses that no one has ever heard of before. These guys are going to have a hard time in their business. However, they are sure that they will undoubtedly be able to cope with this, because it will depend on them whether a new epidemic will appear and whether the world can live in peace and not worry that at any moment something may appear that will erase humanity from the face of the Earth and will not leave people the slightest chance. every day children face the most difficult cases, study various diseases and it is on their conscience that patients who dream of getting on their feet as soon as possible. These scientists are real professionals who try not to lose sight of anything and at the same time to help everyone. They understand that the risk they have to take is solely for the benefit of the people they will treat. That's really all these guys waiting in front and making all those people who will get to them? Will they really be able to study everything and not give the epidemic the slightest chance?

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