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Kuhen is a small country where there is an amazing Rosenstolz Academy. It is there that students are trained to ensure that in the future to occupy high positions. They are considered the hope and future of the nation, because they will take prestigious positions at the Royal court. Each of these characters has special qualities, he has personal motives, and he has ambitions. Everyone has an amazing past, and sometimes it's better not to dig into it. However, everything changes with the arrival at the Academy of Isaac. This amazing writer came from England and he wants to talk about the Academy as much as possible interesting. a Man wants to know everything about the Academy, as well as about the life of students. Sometimes he knows very personal details of the lives of the students. However, this should not be put on public display, and even more so to write about something similar in the books. In addition, do not forget about the enemies who constantly encroach on students or the Academy, so on the king himself. After all, each of them has their own plans and they want as soon as possible to seize all power in their own hands, which the students are not going to allow them. However, how will the fate of students, and with it the whole country? Whether these, still only potential candidates, somehow will be able to influence all events happening in the district?

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