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The West German children's series Meister Eder and his Pumuckl based on the eponymous story of the German children's author Ellis Kaut. This story tells of master carpenter Eder (gustl bayrhammer), who is single. Accordingly, he can fully concentrate on his work in the workshop. Suddenly he realizes that strange events vonstattengehen. Meister Eder doubt almost to his mind, because without explanation disappear certain items from his home. Only after a long time of the haunting is the carpenter, the guiding force revealed behind the mysterious events.    A little leprechaun named Pumuckl (Hans Clarin) is on the loose in the workshop. He is invisible and hence can not be seen by men. Only when he gets stuck in a glue pot, it will be viewed by Meister Eder. The Kobold law states that the red-haired Pumuckl must remain forever with the people now who saw him first. Although the coexistence between the two unequal journeyman runs initially little harmonious, get to know better and better over time Pumuckl and Master Eder. Thus we find Master Eder in his new roommate, a kind protégé. The goblin again discovered a kind grandfather in his human friend.    Main characters of Meister Eder and his Pumuckl    Pumuckl (Hans Clarin) is a goblin who is actually invisible to humans. When he caught one day at a pot of glue, but disappears his magic and he become the roommate of Master Eder. The Pumckl has bright red hair and is incredibly cheeky and curious. Nevertheless, he discovered a man of whom he can learn a lot in Master Eder.    Franz Eder (gustl bayrhammer) is a Bavarian master carpenter who lives in Munich and is often simply called Master Eder. He lives alone in his workshop and must now come to terms that a leprechaun has become his new roommate with the unexpected situation. Quick takes Meister Eder against Pumuckl a father a role.    Background information on Meister Eder and his Pumuckl    Meister Eder and his Pumuckl was broadcast on 24 September 1982 for the first time on Bavarian television. The children series comprises a total of two scales, each with 26 episodes. 1999 another season was produced as a separate series, the old with new recordings but could not build on the success of the original format combined. In addition, the Pumuckl conquered to date three times the big screen, especially in the context of the movies Meister Eder and his Pumuckl (1982), and the blue Pumuckl Klabauter (1994) and Pumuckl and his Circus Adventure (2003). First you should Alfred Pongratz, who had once held a part in the corresponding radio plays, assume the role of Master Eder in the children's program. However, since he died just before filming began, gustl bayrhammer had to step in as a replacement. (MH)

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