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  • Drama
Very powerful and heartwarming TV series tells the viewer a unique and chilling to the soul the story of the struggle of a brave man with an incurable illness...In the midst of sad and rich of events it turns out the main character by the name of Pak Tae-Suk. A man has everything-a favorite job, adored family and lived years, for which there is no shame. He lives a quiet, measured life, doing law. Until recently, everything was going well, and there was no hint of misfortune. But, as often happens, the fate of our hero presented a serious test at the most unexpected moment. Puck finds out that he has a terrible disease – Alzheimer's disease. He slowly, but confidently turns into another person, forgetting everything. Grim news just to upset the man, but he still finds the strength to continue to live. Now, when he found out that he had very little time left, the lawyer makes the most important decision. He is forced to put his own life on the line and bring the last case to a victorious end. A wonderful, bright person does everything in his power to be able to protect those things that he has always considered the most important and significant – life and family love! And meanwhile, the brain of the poor fellow begins to falter, and we see how the memory of the unfortunate, but persistent hero fades before our eyes. Will the stubborn lawyer be able to bring it to the end, the election of the disease a little time until the monstrous disease finally deprived him of all that he treasured…

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