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The series tells the story of a girl named Narin, who has been a successful lawyer for many years. The heroine had a difficult childhood, because they lived in poverty, and her brother and father were regarded as slaves. My mother was constantly beaten, so she in the future did everything in order to escape the horrors of the past. She was able to enter the faculty of law, was able to become one of the best on his release, and win a few high-profile cases. However, the pain of the past still haunts her because dad has a new wife and children, who loves. Why is he deprived of this care Narin and her brother remains a mystery. The girl herself does not want to stir up the already difficult memories. The main character is assigned an important task, but it goes against the principles of Narin herself. She needs to protect a new client, who for many years engaged in shady business, and generally involved in a variety of suspicious cases. Here it is necessary to make a choice between career and ideals. Moreover, the girl gets into a very curious situation at a friend's party, where she meets someone who will completely change her life. Long-standing rivalry with Ermak will turn into a surprise. You only need to make the right choice, but what it will be?