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One day, a young boy is brought to Mumbai. Now his father works as a driver in a rich family. Living in the house of the owners, the boy falls in love with the daughter of the head of the family. He does not dare to confess his feelings to her, as they are separated by a chasm of restrictions and prohibitions. But the love in his heart lives for many years, although none of it and didn't know. As time went on, and she realized that indifferent to the young son of the driver. It is at this point that the question becomes whether the lovers will be together? Will they be able to pass all the tests and not lose each other? Family Ishani will make every effort to separate the young people, because the main character of the series is only the son of a servant, his social status is much lower.
The project is about lovers who belong to different social classes. Man, woman, love and obstacles. From childhood they had grown up together, under the roof of a house. They always talked and were friends. Ishani – the daughter of the owner of the house, and Ranvir son servants. Each of them belongs to a different layer of society, they have a completely opposite material situation, but when all this could interfere with the true love, the one that gives a person wings? They demolish the obstacles on his path, believing that true feelings can overcome the challenges and adversities of any kind.

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