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Some 20 years have past since Markus Lindemann neck has left his rural home overhead. In Berlin he hoped for a bright future. In the end, however, he was just disappointed - both in terms of career and in all things pertaining to the love life. Together with his 16-year-old daughter Sarah, he has now made his way to return the city back and risk a new start in his home village. In particular, it is in his native village around the Lower Rhine Meuchelbeck, einm Provinzkaff as it appears in the book.    Here Markus wants to grab his sister Mechthild, which operates a pension under the arms. But before he knows it, he is confronted with a past, which he believed to have long since left behind. Especially Julia, Mark's ex-girlfriend, who is now married to his former best friend, makes the returnees life difficult. In addition, Sarah does not want to get used to the joyless country life, and so Mark must finally admit that the timing of his return to Meuchelbeck was very badly chosen.    Main characters of Meuchelbeck    Markus Lindemann (Holger story house) grew up in Meuchelbeck and has spent in the countryside actually a carefree childhood. Still, he could not wait 20 years ago to leave the province behind to find the luck in Berlin. Now he has to admit that this plan did not really work.    Sarah Lindemann (Janina Fautz) is Mark's 16-year-old daughter and a real city kid, the Berlin air is only used to. When she arrives with her father in Meuchelbeck, she is subtly shocked by Provinzkaff together with its inhabitants and would love to turn back again directly.    Julia Schmidtkowsky (Karin Hanczewski) had with Mark 20 years ago a relationship, now it is, however, married to his best friend. Of course, this circumstance provides one or the other conflict when Mark comes back from Berlin and identify needs that a lot has changed for the worse in his homeland.    Frauke Vierboom (Anna Böger) is the local police officer of Meuchelbeck. Especially she is busy with the case of shot cow, which employs as much to say as completely overwhelmed. Apart from that Frauke shows great interest in Mark, who is not sure how he should deal with this. (MH)

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