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  • Drama
A fascinating and dynamic detective series takes viewers to a small town in Sweden, located near the Arctic circle. Here there are very few residents and, until recently, in these places have never occurred any crime. But suddenly this peace is crumbling: there is a series of brutal murders. The first victim of an unknown maniac becomes a citizen of France, which is why it is necessary to involve a French detective in the investigation. After that, a woman named Kahina arrives here from Paris. She is not a pure French, but it does not prevent the heroine of the series "midnight sun" with the necessary responsibility to treat the investigation. Her partner is a Swede named Anders, who recently took office as a local Prosecutor. Together they are taken to investigate the first murder, after which there are several atrocities. Plunging headlong into the investigation, both heroes find themselves in mortal danger, but even realizing this, they do not deviate from the common goal – to find out the name of the villain and send him to jail. But gradually it becomes clear that several people may be involved in the murders. And the main reason for the crimes, most likely, is racial intolerance – in one city coexist Swedes and representatives of indigenous tribes of aborigines, which has long been not get along with each other…

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