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The largest ships are created not only for military purposes — many shipbuilding solutions of super-large sizes perform more mundane tasks. However, this fact does not make the upcoming trip to the world of marine giants less exciting: these fearless wave dividers carry valuable cargo, including coal, quartz ore and automotive products. With impeccable performance, individual vessels are equipped with an amazing capacity, which can be compared with the total area of 11 football fields. During the exciting film story the viewer will even get acquainted with the world's longest cargo ship —"M. V. Paul. R. Tregurtha". Special design have shipbuilding solutions designed to help fish in the Arctic, which at the same time have also to break the impressive size of the ice blocks. Favorite viewer project from the TV channel Discovery not only introduces the technical filling and facade characteristics of the ships, but also plunges into the life of their inhabitants, who on duty are forced to manage massive floating structures and ensure their functioning. Here the crew is working hard in a team to overcome the next challenges posed by the sea-storm, bad weather and the appearance of uninvited fauna. Despite all the obstacles, the goal-the delivery of the goods in one piece-must be carried out without question.