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The police officer Michael Biggs and the primary school teacher Molly Flynn are both hard to fight their obesity. They decide independently to attend a support group for customers and get to know there.    Both find it hard at first to focus on losing weight. Molly lives with her mother Joyce and her sister Victoria together, both can eat whatever they want and still stay slim. Since Molly falls motivation hard to lose weight. For Mike are ready difficulties. Normally make his colleague Carl and he daily lunch in a typical American diner. If the card with treats of chips, burgers etc. studded, Mike must overcome to order only a salad. Together Mike & Molly still trying to get rid of a few pounds and get to love themselves and their bodies.    Main characters of Mike & Molly    Officer Michael 'Mike' Biggs (Billy Gardell) is an overweight police officer from Chicago. Mike has a lot of humor and has a good heart. Sometimes he is a little uncertain. Before he met Molly, he was very dependent on his mother.    Molly Flynn (Melissa McCarthy) is a primary school teacher with weight problems and teaches fourth grade at the Walter Payton primary school. She takes herself and her character often for a ride. Moreover, it is always cheerful, caring and intelligent, but has temperament. By shopping and traveling she has built up a large pile of debt in recent years.    Officer Carlton 'Carl' McMillan (Reno Wilson) is Mike's partner in the police and also his best friend. He often prone to self-pity. After living for a long time with his grandmother, he now has his own apartment. He often feels alone, it is hard for him to build relationships with women.    Victoria Flynn (Katy Mixon) is Molly's younger sister. It is sometimes a little slow on the uptake, but has a good heart. Unlike Molly Victoria is slim and a party girl. She sleeps with married men and smokes from time to marijuana.    Joyce Flynn (Swoosie Kurtz) is Molly and Victoria's mother. Joyce is a widow and want to keep their youth most like forever. They can be very moody and irritable. Sometimes she tends to drink.    Background information on Mike & Molly    won for her role as Molly actress Melissa McCarthy, who has become ripped known by the series Gilmore Girls and films like Bridesmaids and full, even an Emmy Award in 2011. A year later, she was again nominated for the most important TV award the USA, but lost him this time to Julia Louis-Dreyfus and their series Veep - The vice-president.

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