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Disney channel animated series tells the fascinating story of one unusual Callisto family. The father of the family is a mechanical engineer on a spaceship, and the mother is a pilot who manages this ship with agility. The sister of the main character is a real expert in the field of various technologies. It would be surprising if one of the members of this unusual family would be completely uninteresting and unremarkable personality. Miles Callisto is an unusual boy who has a great love for space adventures.

an unusual family of Kallisto and very unusual pet – a robotic ostrich named merc. This family member, along with the rest of the heroes of the animated series travels through the vast expanses of space. They do not just travel, but also explore new worlds in the vast Universe, which can not see the end. The plot of an interesting animated series helps children and their parents to gain knowledge about space. During viewing, a relaxed atmosphere is maintained, so the knowledge is easily absorbed in the head. You will find many interesting and informative stories about the adventures of the main characters in space. Children will look forward to the new series.

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