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That children are considered to be the biggest challenge of life, of which Heiner Lauterbach can sing a song. Himself just become a father only the third time, the actor knows only too well that each development phase luck and chaos mean at the same time. But that life again means a different caliber in a modern blended family, Lauterbach experienced now in his role as a single parent and teacher Alex. For he starts over the moon in a new life when he moves in with his 14-year-old son Pit and his great love Bea in a common house. However, the divorced journalist has besides their moving boxes nor their three beautiful daughters - Lena, 5, Anna, 13, and Jule, 15, in hand luggage. By crossing the threshold to start a new life for the blended family. So it is - but Alex was holding a little more peace and order in mind while the new reality noisy and chaotic way into his romantic visions. Slowly schwant Alex what problems it can bring with it to unite a diehard male household and a sworn Women's Gang of Four under one roof to a family - or at least something that could be a family times. But not only with "his" women at home Alex has his hands full. Every day he faces the scrutiny of Mrs. Rangold suspended. She is the neighbor of Alex and Bea and observed the family with Argus eyes. To make matters worse woman Rangold is also the principal at Alex's school and thus its direct boss. A function that she likes to takes advantage to have Alex not only on a professional level in his place. Fortunately Mrs. Rangold has two souls in her chest. One side, the style has rather little sympathy for Alex Lebenssituation- and and the other that feels downright pulled-from its male-sympathetic type. But Alex is not delivered to women without any protection. His oldest friend and colleague Olli stands by him - or at least tried. Much Align however, Olli can not, because open up in a blended family, the problems are not always solved by a good conversation. Often Alex must reach into the first aid box deep - unfortunately he uses sometimes wrong. For where could be less is more, he shoots thanks to its well-intentioned excessive zeal like out over the target. But no matter how large and unpredictable problems may be, it is one in the new family never: Boring! Even if that means above all for Alex to bite more sour apples than he actually presented.

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