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  • Drama
In the distant lands of Polynesian funny and sluggish demigod Maui made his next rash act, which led to sad consequences. Maui stole the heart from the powerful goddess, and now darkness reigned in many Islands of the Pacific ocean. Numerous tribes were on the verge of extinction, because of the terrible curse they can no longer go out into the ocean and even unable to catch fish. Residents of villages located on the nearest archipelago are forced to move to a small remote island, which seemed to have passed the curse, but soon the darkness and there they were overtaken. Only the brave and determined daughter of the leader of the Moana tribe can correct the situation and save people.In order to remove the curse, Moana must go on a long and very dangerous journey across the ocean, while accompanying her Maui, who only does that prevents her. First, the relationship of the heroes are not so, but common difficulties brought them together, and gradually they become good friends. Can the brave Moana, accompanied by frivolous Maui, who can finally atone for his guilt, remove the terrible curse and thus save his people?

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