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Meanwhile, the three Earth Alliance agents Stellar, Sting and Auel invade the military base and kidnap three new Mobile Suit-fighting machines. Your goal is to destroy these mobile suits the military base and all other fighting machines. ZAFT but manages to turn some mecha and the base becomes the battlefield. In order to save his client Cagalli, the bodyguard Alex it creates in a Gundam lying around and tried to run away with it. But the remarkable Allianz agents and attack him. The fighting widen - after the destruction of the artificial atmosphere combine - into space, and once the spaceship Minerva is started, which is the basis for some more Mobile Suits, the pilots are particularly adept. A fight against the Earth Alliance begins - but the employees of ZAFT not know who is the enemy. No one suspects that this is the beginning of a new interstellar war between the natural (earth) and the coordinators (Plant) ...

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