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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
Channel: JNN
Creators: Yoshiyuki Tomino,Hajime Yatate
Description: Scientific advances have allowed a person to thoroughly examine the gene level and learn how to bring it to perfection. Those on whom experimented, were born smart kids who have high physical performance, more powerful, agile. But other people, they began to cause envy, because society does not tolerate when someone -That is different from most. Among people with advanced genes - Coordinators and straight people - ordinary people whose genes endowed nature itself, the confrontation begins. Kira Yamato young man became involved in the war, he was trying to save himself and his friends, he does not take anyone's side, he intends to help survive those whom he loves and appreciates, and he does not care whether the man Coordinator, or Straight. Confrontation seems to him quite unnecessary and pointless sacrifices, and Kira is going to put an end to this war ...

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