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Original Title: Moone Boy
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Sky One
Creators: Chris O'Dowd
Language: English
Description: "Little Moon" entertaining television series. He especially attached to the fact that it was created by British filmmakers. As you know, this country is famous for its high-quality television product. In this regard, the interest of viewers for the series should be a little more. series genre - sitcom, which has long been loved by a huge audience. So many people will be able to appreciate the project. And he deserves much, because since the first series is impossible to break away for a second. The plot is centered on a single Irish family. She lives in a small town Boel. Martin, the protagonist of the series, the eleven-year teenager who, as it should do at his age, leaving a whole in the study of the world. he is often faced with difficulties when his world consists of annoying classmates, or worse, evil and cruel high school students. The family of a teenager is fully surrounded by women, although it is not at all worried. He is the father, but he was too busy with his own affairs, and almost does not pay attention to his son, who grows up without his support. The main character is clearly not enough and did not understand what was going on, he invents a imaginary friend Sean, who greatly helps him psychologically.

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