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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Romance
Young guy Yun Shi Wu, in early childhood left an orphan, did not remember anything about his past and parents. Many years have passed, our hero has grown up and is now the leader of the super popular in Korea group"Mobius". The incredible popularity and recognition made the guy very arrogant, arrogant and completely undisciplined – Yun Shi Wu could easily be late for the rehearsal, while he did not particularly care about the opinion of others. One is not so good in his life as it seems at first glance-the guy suffers from painful attacks of hearing loss, against which the medicine is powerless, and our hero, each time increasingly exposed to the manifestations of the disease, slowly approaching deafness.Wang Chi Ang is the son of Wang Hao, President of the largest group of companies in China. Since childhood, accustomed to a luxurious life and constantly caring for his servants, Wang Chi Ang grew spoiled and extremely selfish young man, who believes that all people owe him something only because he is the son of an influential businessman. At the same time, the arrogant boy always forgets that he is an illegitimate child born from a Korean mother, which means that he is not a direct heir to the huge business of the Empire.By chance, the life paths of two young people intersect, and their meeting, quite expectedly, ends in a quarrel. Our heroes have not yet guessed that soon the fate will bring them back-the guys will be students of the mysterious Murim school, safely hidden in the wilderness of the forest, the purpose of which is the moral, spiritual and physical education of young people, as well as preparing students for adulthood. But everything is not so simple, because it is taught in a very harsh methods.

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