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Mork is about an alien named Mork from planet Ork, which is to observe the people and inform superiors about Orson. To this end, he flew with his oversized space-egg to Earth. The first contact was with a friendly "Nano Nano" (in the original, "Na-Nu Na-Nu") done, and he could go to drink with your fingers, or demonstrate telekinetic tricks. Something went wrong, he cursed: "Shazbot" From its setting forth Mork was extremely violent.    The gags based on the rule that Mork had indeed acquired extensive knowledge of the terrestrial civilization, especially the US society even before his arrival thanks to television, but this could not place correctly. Accordingly, the German dubbed version suffered heavily from almost insurmountable translation problems. The concise welcome by mutual abutment of the buttocks with the words "Hamsti-Bamsti" for example, is not in the original on Morks alien customs and habits back, but on untranslatable stereotypes to welcome rituals and -floskeln of African Americans.    Main characters of Mork    Mork (Robin Williams) is an alien from the planet Ork. On Earth, it is to analyze human behavior and then report back. it is found in the world of Mindy McConnell, who considers him a priest after Mork attracts a suit upside down.    Mindy McConnell (Pam Dawber) is Mork and takes him to live with him. She is very intelligent and brings Mork all about the people with what they know. As Mork threatens to disappear, noted Mindy that she cherishes more than friendly feelings for him.    Fred McConnell (Conrad Janis) is Mindy's father. Mindy's mother died some time ago, so is Fred widower. Together with Cora, he has a music store. Fred is a rather conservative person and therefore initially skeptical of Mork.    Cora Hudson (Elizabeth Kerr) is a very progressive woman and not as conservative as her son Fred.    Franklin Bickley (Tom Poston) is one of Mindy's neighbors. He earns his money by writing greeting cards.    Orson (Ralph James) is Mork's long-suffering boss, who sent him to Earth because Mork was too humorous for the planet Ork.    Background information on Mork    Mork (Original: Mork & Mindy) ran on the American broadcaster ABC from 1978 to 1982. The series was an offshoot of the then well-known in America series Happy Days. For the first season of the series, the series were nominated as well as Robin Williams for a Primetime Emmy Award.

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