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  • Genres:
  • Documentary
  • Mystery
The protagonist of the American series"Talking to ghosts" is one of the most successful and unique representatives of the detective profession throughout Los Angeles. A feature of Frank Taylor is the ability to disclose even the most complicated cases, having only indirect and unproven facts. Frank perfectly links between themselves, it would seem, completely different situations, which inevitably leads him to the outcome of confusing events. The first meeting of the detective with potential customers (which he does not really want to pay for services) takes place in the morgue, where Frank comes at the behest of"top". I.e. from the dead – the man believes that his conduct to the victims of the ghosts of dead relatives, dead souls living between two worlds because of his unjust death. Ghosts turn to him pleading for help in the hope of finding the killer, and the main character, not that with joy, but rather by necessity (because they will not leave him alone) is taken for the job. Victims sometimes give him a few facts and tips that can help in the case, and sometimes nothing at all, so you have to clench your teeth and look for intruders, relying only on their own intuition.