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  • Drama
Two men suffering from loneliness are bound by a tragic past. The heroes of the series "Mr. Mercedes" were involved in the tragic event that influenced their fate. Still every day thoughts of an event disturb men. One is a retired detective who didn't solve a terrible crime. The second was the perpetrator of the horrific event. A young man with criminal tendencies they stole cars for fun. But one day he was on a stolen Mercedes deliberately crashed at speed into a crowd of people at the labor exchange. Innocent people were killed, and the driver fled the scene. A retired detective had a guilty conscience about not being able to catch that criminal. He begins to pour his despair with alcohol. Held for many years. The former employee still wants to get back to the investigation and finish the case to get rid of the burden on the soul. This wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for one email. He wrote after a long time the culprit of the accident. He didn't repent, he mocked the old man. He needed someone to share his new idea with. The offender plans to make an even more daring hit on the crowd. And only a former police officer will be able to prevent the intentions of the auto-magnate. The detective must overcome internal doubts and surpass himself. The second misstep he will not forgive himself.

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