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Craig has always dreamed of becoming a professional musician. To do this, he had all the data – talent, hearing, unusually sharp mind and charm. But life ordered otherwise, and now he is forced to vegetate in a simple school music teacher. His whole life is his favorite guitar and notes, so he decided to build his own teaching very non-standard. Instead of usual occupations the man acquainted children with jazz, rock, Blues and other interesting directions, played the songs and simply tried to put soul in business which was compelled to become to it native. However, school rules and laws do not allow such liberties. There is a special program drawn up by the Ministry, which he must follow, and his Amateur he can leave for home – about this way he was notified at the next meeting. But because the creative person needs to develop and grow, so Craig, self-righteous, trying to prove the validity of their training to others. The parents of the students even came to complain about him to the Ministry, but for your favorite teacher stood up the kids after this event, he looked completely different. He believes that he must be successful in what he does, and therefore patiently quarrels with everyone who tries to contradict him and constantly gets into comical situations because of this.

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