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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The share of the main heroine of the mini-series falls the hardest thing is to accept the loss of beloved parents. But, no matter how difficult it was, the girl will go to a small provincial town in order to sell his home, where his parents lived. It seemed that sadness will never leave a beautiful French woman, but the arrival in the province forever changed the life and perception of the world of the heroine of the series "Mysterious signs". Hand in hand with her beloved man, the girl begins to notice unusual signs and events associated with her parents ' house and the small town in which her family lived for many years. Circles on corn fields, symbols and riddles – all this distracts from bitter loss and forces to start life from scratch, having plunged into the mysterious atmosphere of secrets and discoveries. Now she will be faced with inexplicable and frightening puzzles, intriguing young beauty. What awaits the main character and her boyfriend, will they find answers to such questions?