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"Mutants X" - a TV project released by Marvel in 2001 in the Wake of the popularity of comics and movies about the superhero team. The main characters of the series-ordinary Americans who have undergone mutations after irradiation with the genome H. in the distant future, commander Eckhart decides to create a special, invincible army with the help of genetic engineering. His idea is a success, but the General has time to change his mind and decide that such people are a real threat to ordinary American citizens. He gives the order to destroy all the soldiers, but his engineer, who created the principle of transformation, goes against the decree of Eckhart and hides his offspring from imminent violence. So the light appears superkomanda designed to protect their own kind from death and fight with the genome. Four rogue and Adam Kane himself choose the path of these fighters for justice and adequately fight with any opponents. Gradually, they are joined by other people with unique abilities who seek to escape from the ruthless extermination. Despite a similar concept," Mutants X"have nothing to do with the famous" People X", just so the company decided to attract the attention of fans to his next project. Despite the good reviews and a large number of fans, the picture did not become a rating and popular. And the creators decided to complete the story, and did not reveal until the end of their characters. By the way, this series was presented to the audience as science fiction.

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