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The main character of the youth series"My babysitter's a vampire" appearance is a normal teenager. Day Ethan attends school, having fun with friends and skips classes, and in the evening the lion's share of the time spent at the computer. But only for the unenlightened guy acts as a simple teenager, the real occupation of Ethan is hidden from the eyes of strangers.The thing is, Mr. Morgan is a psychic. In other words, he sees the future by touching other people. At first, this ability tormented the guy, causing real nightmares, but after he learned to manage his gift, Ethan opened up a completely different world, filled with adventures and dangers. From now on, with the support of a couple of vampire friends (Yes, and such personalities in this town as there are), Morgan announces the hunt for supernatural forces that can harm his friends.Unlike other film projects on similar subjects, the audience will be interested to watch the adventures of such sloppies, whose share fell duty to protect our world from enslavement by otherworldly forces. Of course, the adventure will be filled with a lot of curious situations, but who said that the fight against evil is an easy task?

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