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Kohei decided to combine the knot with Maria and had no idea what it will lead to such relationships. He cared so much for his beloved and tried to do everything to make her live as well as possible and did not need anything, that at some point he realized that he could no longer hide the fact how hard it was for him to be with her. A man just suffocates being next to his beloved from the tension that constantly comes from her. He comes to the point that he is even ready to cooperate with his mistress and with her to take his wife's life, thereby removing his rival mistress with his own hands. these two worked out their plan so thoroughly that it seemed like everything had to go like clockwork. Well, who of them could only think that there are those who decide to intervene in their plans and kidnap Mary. The man learned about it only at that moment when he returned home that day as everything was planned. The kidnappers did not take long to wait and soon demanded a ransom for the girl. Kōhei was so worried that he didn't even realize what was really going on. What will a man do now, decide that this case is a great way to deprive his wife of life by someone else's hands, or on the contrary he will understand what a mistake he almost made and will do everything to return it?

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