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Original Title: My Dangerous Wife
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Fuji TV
Description: Motizuki Kohei happily married. He is married to a beautiful girl Mary, who is a representative of a wealthy family. A young man to match the status of the couple, had to give up work in the advertising field and do business. Now he runs a small cafe. Kohei is trying to match the status of the ideal husband. However, the character realizes that has absolutely no freedom of being with his wife. The wife is an incredible pressure on her husband. Kohei tired to live. He and his colleague, and, concurrently, a mistress, Anna, decided to kill Maria. The main characters are developing a cunning plan, but that did not come true. Before committing the crime Kohei wife kidnapped and demand a ransom. As a consequence, which began work on the case, comes to the conclusion that the kidnapping has organized the protagonist himself. However, the man realizes that it is a crime - not his doing. He begins to dig into the past of his wife and suddenly discovers the startling details. It turned out that his wife is not the one for whom it is. What is the outcome of this extremely complicated story?

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