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The family for a long time, happily lived and enjoyed every day. They have all been wonderful, all my problems they tried to solve together quickly and not really bothered. But suddenly everything is changing and not for the better. Their quiet and peaceful life suddenly collapsed, and the reason for the appearance of a rather strange young man who began to claim that he is a relative, moreover, that he is the illegitimate son of the head of the family. Of course nobody was happy, on the contrary the whole family was in shock and had no idea how they should respond to such. the Father knew for sure that he could not have an illegitimate son, and he could not understand at all what this boy needed and why he decided to come to them right now. But to banish him, the man couldn't either, although the guy and knew that he had no chance to prove kinship with this family. But on his side was the fact that he knew the secret of the head of the family, which is a huge number of years from all his hiding and he did not have the hand to know all about it. But how really the family will react to everything when they learn the truth or the man will hide it from everyone and believe that it will be better?

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