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"My Kitchen Rules" - a reality show in the Australian production of culinary themes. Take part in the program, participants from different cities of Australia. The team is always two people, it can be a married couple, relatives, friends or colleagues. For a certain time, each team must prepare one or more meals, and will win, of course, the best team. Leading the show - Manu Fidel and Pete Evans - try dishes and give them a rating. At some stage, they are joined by other members of the jury. As a rule, these are professional chefs, restaurant owners, etc. Each season the number of teams is changing, and, according to the trend, more and more teams are willing to participate in the show and get the chance. If it was only ten in the first season of the show commands in the sixth season of the figure reached eighteen. The number of teams has not been disclosed in the seventh season. In the first stage, each team invited the jury and other participants in your house, in your city, at your dinner. At this stage, each team has a chance to show their best skills. Participants must not only prepare three dishes in three hours - appetizer, main course and dessert, but also beautify the place of reception in some special style, to create an atmosphere of a small restaurant. At the end of dinner, the jury - Pete and Manu - give an estimate of each dish, and the rest of the team - an overall assessment of the dinner. After the first stage, when all the teams will present their dishes, several teams, with the lowest score, leaving the show. The remaining commands are sent in a studio program "Rule of my kitchen", and it is here that start their main test. Cook in your own kitchen, in your own home, with his usual technique is much easier than working in unusual conditions, the opponent kitchen. Besides, at this stage, the participants receive more complex task - for example, to prepare for a specific dish, make dinner, using only a limited list of products to prepare something for a large audience or prepare something outdoors etc. All dishes will be evaluated by the jury, and each team will receive a well-deserved points. Each week, one of the teams with the lowest score, leaving the show. Victory in the show will win is the team that will cope with all tasks that have prepared them for the show's creators, and gain the highest score. Best in Show will receive a prize - 250 thousand dollars as start-up capital to start their own restaurant...