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Pepper lived with his parents and older brother a quiet and measured life. He always and everywhere relied on his father seeing it as an example to follow and eventually wanting to be just like him. Only time and fate turned out to be more cruel. In connection with the events in the country and began the Second world war, the head of the family had to leave the family and go to the front. Each member of the family experienced this event particularly acute. But the most inconsolable was little pepper, who dreamed that his father would return as soon as possible, but at the same time realizing that there is a chance to never see him again. it becomes the reason that she even gets involved together with the brother in adventure. Only the guy was lucky and he had to get off only by talking to the priest, but his brother went to jail. But this conversation would seem a completely changed Outlook on life guy. He was sure that if he is to fulfill a number of good deeds, his father will surely return home. He is ready to do anything to see his parent as soon as possible, and therefore tries as he can. But would he end up getting what he wanted, or realizing that everything he believed in was a delusion would lead to even more unpleasant consequences?

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