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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Before us is a series about teenage life without unnecessary embellishment. It is the realism of the events in the TV series "my mad diary" that attracts the viewer. The story is about a charming girl RAE Earl, who cannot come to terms with his fullness. Once she even dreamed of dying, thinking that no one would regret it. Now same, later two years after his "recovery" (she had to several months conduct in psychiatric clinic), ray gained its new friends, thanks to which its life gained its sense. Not all of these years went smoothly, but she successfully coped with every challenge that falls to her share, she behaved with dignity in humiliating situations very well when they were wrong by someone else. Special piquancy series adds the fact that the events take place in the late 1990s-then the world was a completely different atmosphere and the authors convey it carefully, using typical for that time problems and jokes. So, will fat ray be able to cope with the next difficulties, will he accept his weight or try to change everything? Nearing the end of the narrative, which will dot the "i".

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