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The previous season was the only thing distracting from the overall chronology of the story – 20 season of the series "Naruto: shippuuden" again continues the theme of the eighteenth and talks about the Fourth ninja war. We know that Naruto lost Kurama. At this point in the rescue of a friend comes Sakura, who is trying to save him in the moment until Gaara takes them to Minato. They're going to extract the Yin-Kurama from Minato to move it to Naruto. But during this process, the hero dies to save his Sakura trying to make the young man open heart massage. At this point, the border of the Holy monastery occurs a fierce battle, Karin is trying to break through the defense to get to Sasuke. During this it pierces the Spiral Zetsu and she almost dies, but uses the water spell to heal yourself. Will the defense to withstand the onslaught of enemies to friends Naruto had a chance to save him from death?