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The best scientific minds and the most talented researchers decided at the time to establish a community that will focus on finding various mysterious evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. The organization was named NASA and for many centuries members of the Union are engaged in exploration within the Solar system, where there is still a lot of unexplored objects.The organization is engaged in sending probes to remote stars, exploration of the situation on neighboring planets and in close proximity to our home planet. Over the years, scientists have encountered many unexplained facts that do not give a specific answer to the question of whether we are alone in the Universe. Viewers have to draw conclusions on their own, because the community has long been divided into two camps. Some argue that aliens are invariably there, and someday we will be able to get in contact with them, while others say that humanity is the only intelligent race in space.Each point of view deserves attention, because there are always facts confirming one or the other statement. That's just finally we can not be sure that once again the space does not erupt a spaceship, and people will not be involved in a bloody war with extraterrestrial intelligence.