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Natsume Yūjinchō (夏 目 友人 帳 jap., Dt. "Natsume friends book") is a manga series by Japanese cartoonist Yuki Midorikawa, which appears in Japan since 2005. The work is classified in the genre Shōjo and drama and was adapted as an anime and radio play.    The boy Natsume Takashi is an orphan with the ability to see Yōkai (spirits and demons). This ability also had his grandmother Reiko that also the left him after her death "Friends book". In this the spirits are listed to Reiko has agreements and which are their subservient. This book is highly coveted in the world of spirits, so Natsume is now haunted by many ghosts and demons who want to either have the book, or expect to fulfill a contract from him and ask him for help. He is protected by Madara, a cat spirit that has it, themselves apart on the book.