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Man is the master of the world. We are used to our greatness. Humanity went into space and conquered the depths of the oceans. We change and organize the world around us at will. Selection, genetic engineering, engineering and technology, mining – we can do everything. The mind is our main weapon. What is left on Earth that we do not know or can not explain? We cannot be surprised. We know and can do everything. If you really think so, the creators of the film"the Greatest phenomena of nature" will give you a surprise.You will see organized processes grandiose in their scale, but it does not require intelligent management. The most complex natural mechanisms function by themselves. It seems incredible. How can this happen without planning, organizing, and controlling the mind? However, this is happening.The BBC is known for its documentaries. Perhaps, there are no best documentary filmmakers, and the series"the Greatest phenomena of nature" will prove it once again. Obviously, a lot of work has been done. Was captured"tons" of stuff to deploy before the audience a comprehensive, orderly, colorful narrative. A wonderful series about the amazing creative power of nature.

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