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In the animal world there are a lot of secrets. Sometimes watching the animals you can see that everyone moves in his own way, makes some interesting actions, movements. We think it's pretty sweet, and we take it as something peculiar, considering that they behave so playing and fooling around. Many even for the sake of this go to nature to watch them and thus even cheer yourself up. That's just really all so simple, and really all the animals are doing just for the sake of fun, or their actions will actually have some hidden meaning?unlike people animals dance and fool around not for fun, they thus choose a soul mate, build a house and perform a variety of actions that are in fact full of meaning. Every movement they perform very carefully, trying to say something specific, giving special signs and signals. What do animals really say, can they be understood by an ordinary person and what is hidden behind their actions in reality? If you watch them for a long time, then all these questions can be answered and scientists are ready to share their observations with the world.

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