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The American documentary project of the national Geographic channel tells about little-known facts of the history of Nazi Germany during the Second world war, connected with the desire of the country's leadership to create the most powerful models of weapons and complete technological superiority over other States. Aspiring to world domination supporters of the Third Reich with incredible care and scrupulousness approached the issue of development and subsequent construction of unparalleled defensive systems, impressive and truly grandiose fortifications, as well as unique models of tanks, ships and other deadly mechanisms. Even now, many of these advances in engineering make us marvel at the dedication of people whose efforts have created such ambitious" superweapons." In addition to describing the colossal structures and unique combat vehicles, a lot of attention in this cycle is paid to the people responsible for their construction, whether designers or engineers. After all their efforts the fascist forces have received significant military-technical advantage over opponents, becoming a real threat to the inhabitants of the whole continent, and prepare for a quick victory in the biggest in human history confrontation.